We don't make video, we tell stories!

Our Values

We want your stories to reflect real life, we want our job to be meaningful for our clients.

Every person or business has a proper identity. Our mission is to understand it so we can tell stories that reflect, represent and reinforce that identity.

For every subject matter, the best way to raise awareness, give a message or transmit values is through the story of a strong Character that allows the audience to identify and relate to the main character. And once that bond is made, your audience will feel closer to your values, you message and your business. Making that working with you becomes more a personal decision because you share the same goals and less just a service they can find anywhere else on the internet.


We aim at telling real stories about real people. Social issues, cultural habits or uncommon personal experiences are our focus. We want our documentaries to be different and giving another point of view on every day life.

Share and understand the challenges of our clients in order to offer a story that represents their culture and interests while raising awareness on important subject matters.


Create a short documentary that represents your values through the story of an NGO, an association or a project lead by a strong Character.

Instead of a direct commercial video about you, we show that you really care by sharing other’s stories. That light shown on them will reflect on you and your business.

One's destination is never
a place,
but rather a new way of looking at things.


It was a wonderful experience making the documentary with Clément and his crew. They are an inquisitive,compassionate, intelligent and dedicated team. I would unreservedly recommend Clément for any aspect of video work. You will have a friend by your side as well as a highly skilled and professional video-maker.

Mark Redden
Mark Redden Artist Mark Redden

Su trabajo ha sido impecable. Agradecemos enormemente, el respeto hacia los menores, y el gran esfuerzo, y gran labor. Un profesional tanto en el sentido estético, como creación, edición, y sobretodo una gran persona. Sólo tenemos palabras de agradecimiento.

Chantal Gomez – Soñar Despierto
Chanta Gómez General Manager Soñar Despierto

Clement trabaja con un amplio abanico de conocimientos, una profesionalidad total y una energía inmejorable. Con Clement el proceso es siempre una experiencia positiva, y los resultados tienen mucho nivel.

Tom Garner Director Otoxo Productions