Clément Esso

Producer - Director

Clément Esso is a French filmmaker who found his way into the industry after being a freelance web developer. His first contacts with filmmaking were in 2012 while traveling around the world and giving a sense of what he was experiencing.


Gabriel Engelsmann

Cameraman - Marketing

Gabriel is a Brazilian filmmaker who  has been working with marketing and publicity for the past years and nowadays focused on documentary production and cinematography. Gabriel worked as co-director in a film project with OTOXO Productions, a social documentary production company based in Barcelona, and has been working independently since then.


In The Mirror Films have been founded by Clément Esso and Gabriel Engelsmann in 2017.

In The Mirror Films is the achievement of 5 years of self learning and intensive travelling, meeting people and telling their stories.

Raise awareness on cultural differences and similarities, show people's life how it really is and dive into social issues to make them heard by those who usually ignore them are the leitmotivs of IN THE MIRROR FILMS.