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Herencia Africana (African Heritage)


African Heritage is a documentary project focuses on how black Spanish women live and evolve in Spain.

This is a short telling the story of Diara, one of the protagonist of the long version film

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ONG Soñar Despierto


The Soñar Despierto fundation has been working for more than 14 years in social integration of children and young people living in residential centers, from unstructured families through a socio-educational project.

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Borders & Promises


Fatima, Farah, Haya. Three artists from across the Arab World; marginalised by patriarchy, stifled by censorship, and divided by borders not easily breached. United by creativity, energy, and a belief in these two factors alone as catalysts for real change.

Femme de Voix


"Femme de Voix" (Woman of Voice) is a portrait series about woman introducing themselves and their struggles in life. They have skills, they are strong and they want people to know about their cause.


Pais Dauphine University


Capture of the conference organized by the GSI master of Paris Dauphine University.

Delivery of a short video for social networks as well as total capture.